What wind? What tree?

By: roughseasinthemed

Feb 10 2012

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Category: Gibraltar, Photography


Focal Length:7.889mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

Always good to add a new decent blog to my list of regulars, so I was happily reading away on Vic’s Pics and smiling at the tale of a windy UK walk with my cup(s) of breakfast tea. Yes, it was Twining’s. Yes, it was leaf. Just thought I would get that out of the way.

Off I went to the shops – and – it was fate. It was hellish windy and I was struggling to walk against the wind. I admired the cyclists whizzing down the road – but they did have the wind behind them, so not too difficult.

In my quest for a photo of the perfect eucalyptus tree I realised I was going to be doomed on a windy day. After all, the slightest breeze and a flower shot is doomed. NO chance of a tree.

So what’s this? A eucalpytus tree? Who knows? It might be. Must ask one of the local gardeners.

More to the point, this tree was all over the place and yet the camera captured it. I certainly didn’t. 😀

You can see the way the wind is pushing the tree towards the left (south).

Oh? the special effect? Haven’t a clue. I thought I had clicked on crop. But thought I might as well use it anyway. That’s why this is so not another photoblog.


6 comments on “What wind? What tree?”

  1. haha, what a great story.
    thanks once again for the reminder that this is not what it is 🙂


  2. Have your trees got leaves on already or is it an evergreen? afraid I’m not too hot on tree foliage.
    I love that effect, very arty for a non photo blog 😉 LOL


    • Evergreen. But we have some without leaves, some that are golden, and some with new growth. Saw some great potential pix today and didn’t have camera, only iPhone so thought, for another day.

      I like the effect too – just wish I knew how I did it 😀

      Less of the non-photo blog comments. It’s becoming a bit of a theme on here 😉


      • I did the same recently, could have kicked myself for lack of camera, but did use my phone and was quite impressed with the results…….future post brewing 😉


        • goody 🙂 I have taken some iphone ones and some work out ok – just never as sharp and clear and all the rest of it you get with a ‘proper’ camera (whatever one of those is


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