A white bathroom

‘I do think bathrooms should be white, don’t you?’ said Bobby, not waiting for an answer, as she proudly showed me her immaculate white bathroom.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t.  My mother didn’t, therefore I didn’t.  My mother thought anything white was far too sterile, cold, and clinical.  I was brought up in a magnolia household, so beloved of Brits in the 60s.

My parents’ house was a 30s house, and although the old bath and sink were white, the walls were a strange bluey brown mottled tile up to about picture rail height, and the floor was green lino I think.  Typical 30s colours though, duck egg blue, soft green, and lots of brown.  The bath was surrounded with some black stuff, incredibly hard, and definitely so not a plastic bath panel.

Good taste and a little money never go hand in hand though, and the bathroom got changed for a ‘Sun King’ suite in deep gold, complete with gold-plated taps, with similar tiles from floor to ceiling.  As far away from white as you could imagine.

My first house had a white bath, and timber-panelled walls, either to insulate the walls or hide their surface or possibly both.  We did nothing to it apart from add a heater because it was bloody cold in there.

The next one had a green bathroom, and again, we did nothing.  It was bearable and we weren’t feeling affluent.  The next house had a blue bathroom. It was not bearable and we had some money by then. It went – to be replaced by a white suite, white walls, but – the bath panel was mahogany, and we timber panelled the walls to dado height (and painted them white).  The carpet was creamy beige Berber.

In the photo here of our next UK home, I managed to achieve everything my mother would have hated!  The bathroom suite was initially vile burgundy. It didn’t last long. My must-have  was a nice claw foot bath (not cast iron, repro and warmer) without those awful panels, beautiful chrome taps, and black and white tiles. The white tiles were actually two different types, but they were on offer, so we mixed them randomly on the walls.  The black tiles were expensive. I couldn’t find a suitably minimalist chic shower curtain, so went for clear plastic from IKEA.  The carpet was some left over grey Berber from the previous house, and fitted perfectly with the white – with a hint of black – theme.

I do think bathrooms should be (almost) white.  Thanks Bobby.

(Photo taken by my estate agent and scanned in from sales brochure)


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