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Apr 05 2011

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As this isn’t a recipe per se, I thought it might as well go on here.

Veggie kebabs – fairly obvious what it is, onion, bay leaves, pimiento, mushrooms, cherry toms, tofu. Sometimes I add courgette but I didn’t have any when I made these. Depends what is to hand. Served with basmati rice and a sauce. The sauce recipe will get added later to Itchy Feet.

I didn’t understand kebabs when I was small. They were foreign muck really so never entered our house.

As I grew older, friends used to talk about calling for a kebab after a night out. I was still none the wiser.

Then, on my world trip, in Greece – I discovered kebabs. Souvlaki to be honest. Tasty bits of meat on skewers with lots of accompanying bread bought on the street. A good cheap meal for travellers on a tight budget.

Later, in Sydney, domesticity had settled in and I was ensconced in a flat preparing meals for my partner to take to work.

He worked at the dockyard at Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour. And never a set of more precious Professional Painters could you ever want to meet. At tea break (smoko) and lunchtime – it was competition time.

PG Tips was out of the question. As was Lipton. Each painter had his own supply of Earl Grey, Darjeeling, or whatever was his particular taste. Partner started with Earl Grey and then we started buying China Black. I’ve never seen it outside of Sydney, it came in blue boxes and was quite delicious.

As for the meals, well!! At the time we were not yet vegetarian so either the food was the remains of the Sunday roast, or later in the week, we went around the corner to Mr Grumpy who had a deli with superb roasted meats for sale. Sometimes the Pro-Painters would swap the occasional sandwich to see who had brought the most wonderful food. Pity the guy who swapped his rare roast beef sandwich for a Kraft cheese slice one.

One day Partner came home with a new demand. It seemed someone – Roy I think, an ex-para and witness at our wedding – had brought in some very desirable kebabs and set Partner’s mouth watering. Roy was a lovely guy and naturally offered one to Partner. ‘I WANT to take kebabs too,’ said Partner when he arrived home.

Your wish is my command sweetheart. Rising to the challenge, I duly went out the next day to buy some lamb for kebabs and prepared them in the evening so they would be ready for his ghastly early morning start. Partner would leave the flat in the dark, shoot down the steps to Woolloomooloo, and then up through the botanical gardens, to arrive at Circular Quay for the early morning ferry to the island.

The kebabs were a success, and featured on his weekly menu more than once. I don’t know where I stood in the rankings of top scran provider though.

After leaving Sydney, I really don’t remember eating them at all. Until we became vegetarian. From nowhere, I remembered the lamb kebabs, made a few adaptations, and there we were. Kebabs once more are a favourite meal. As a matter of interest, tofu takes little time to cook so is far easier than lamb, and these are a perfect meal for either vegetarians or vegans.


15 comments on “Kebabs”

  1. mmmmm! I adore the vision which comes into my mind of the PPPs, Precious Professional Painters, drinking Earl Grey and having competitive lunches of high quality!! ;0DThe one thing I have never eaten is a Dona Kebab, in fact as you can tell, I don't even know how to spell it. They always look so vile hanging up in the kebab shops, being sliced off in pieces.I would be very interested to know at some time how you became a vegetarian. How it all began etc. Nosey Personage me.Jx


  2. top marks for duotone for this one!
    and the kebabs look yummy too.
    it’s a win-win non-photo-blog kind of post 🙂
    and for all north american readers, a courgette is a zucchini.


    • I think you are getting your revenge for supah dahling with these non-photoblog comments 😀


      • Haha. Revenge? That’s no fun. If you get revenge, then it’s over and the fun is gone. But milking it, that’s much more enjoyable 🙂
        But seriously – this is a brilliant image, or not? Truly the stuff photoblogs are made of. Speaking of which, I just discovered another photo blog which so far includes the story behind the lens in each case. And the images are fantastic – the author is a professional photographer. Even so it’s quite down to earth. If you would like me to share the link I canpass it on. If not, no worries.


      • Oops I forgot to request a follow-up comment in case you would like the link.


        • 😀 I have another one to share too, it’s one of these wretched post a day almost things, but some great shots. I’ll share my find, if you’ll share yours.

          I must put something between the mushrooms and the tofu next time for colour contrast. Move the red pepper I think 😉


          • In terms of composition, that might be a nice touch. Also if you enjoy green peppers (I prefer to ignore them myself despite their great colour) that could be a nice touch to contrast the red. Will send you the link when I’m at my laptop, it’s easier than from my phone. It’s a smart phone, but only to a certain point 🙂


            • In terms of composition, I was making them to eat and not to photograph! As I said, this is more of a dustbin blog. If I’d remembered to photo the spicy BBQ type sauce I made, then it would have gone on the main blog, but as I didn’t, I thought I would use it up on here.

              Of course the trouble now is that the next time I make them, I will be thinking photographs not eating 😀 And the peppers are red because the supermarket only sells organic red ones, not organic green.


          • ok – here’s the shortlink to Denzil Jennings Photography (which i could not access via my phone):
            there have been some impressive outdoor and other images so far. today’s wasn’t my favourite, but that had more to do with the subject matter than with the composition and the DOF, both of which were well done. anyhow, feel free to check it out 🙂


            • I tell you working out what DOF is first thing in the morning when all I am thinking about (and looking like) is the dog’s breakfast, was a bit taxing. I liked the horse and the dog. I also found the discussion about what software to use interesting. That’s because I am too tight to buy PS, tried Aperture on a free trial (and enjoyed it), and have Lightroom on the HP/Windows computer which I try to avoid using as I am a total Mac addict. But really, that’s why this is so not a photoblog (I need to keep saying this) – I just like a half-way decent photo with a bit of a tale (tail;)) behind it.


          • anyhow, do feel free to share the link to the one you found 🙂


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