Different blog, different theme

By: roughseasinthemed

Feb 18 2011

Category: Blogging

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There are some posts that really do not fit within any of my current blogs, so here is yet another blog. Based on the idea of every picture tells a story.

Yes, it’s not an original idea, and yes, there are lotsissimo blogs out there with that very title.

This will not be a picture blog per se. Oh, no. I do not agree with the fact that just posting a picture is remotely helpful. Yes it can be an excellent photo (these won’t be as they will be mainly scanned), but would you really expect a journalist not to at least include a caption?

In fact you will get more than that, the story behind the picture. The picture from the past.

Perhaps I should retitle it.


One comment on “Different blog, different theme”

  1. I love this blog and the idea… look forward to reading more. ~Bren


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