Night night in Gib

September always brings change.

Years ago, September meant the start of the new school year. Later it meant the excitement of getting ready for university in October.

Now it means rain. Usually around National Day on 10 September but this year September has been warm and sunny. Until yesterday.

‘Get the washing in,’ I ordered in the morning, as I looked at the grey overcast sky from my permanent spot on the sofa.

Half an hour later it was bucketing down.

‘They’ll cancel the parade,’ I said, for no reason in particular. (Changing of the guard outside the governor’s house).

‘No, they won’t, they’re the army for goodness sake,’ he replied.

They cancelled the parade.

‘I think you should take the dogs out now,’ I gently suggested around 8pm when it was dark.

He did. When he got back, it chucked it down. Gib at night in the rain is quite magical.

A few people out in the rain, mostly going home

A few people out in the rain, mostly going home

A few drinkers brave the rain

A few drinkers brave the rain

And now... an empty street

And now… an empty street

So while it may never rain in Southern California, it certainly pours here in Gib, in the words of Gibraltarian singer songwriter, Albert Hammond.

I bought Hammond’s single, The Free Electric Band.

Not long after we moved to Gib, we were chatting to a joiner who was into music.

We referred to Hammond as a one-hit wonder – Free Electric Band was his only UK chart success. Fred laughed quietly. Not in a nasty way. He pointed out that Hammond was an extremely prolific songwriter, and has written hits for Tina Turner, The Hollies (All I need is the air that I breathe and to looooove you), and The Fortunes (Freedom Come, Freedom Go, freedom moving along…) So, whenever I think of Hammond, OBE, I always remember our one-hit wonder conversation.

WordPress weekly photo challenge is ‘Nighttime‘ – even though I’ve written more about rain! But the photos were taken at night :)


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