Gibraltar National Day 2014

Gibraltar National Day this week is when we celebrate the fact that Gibraltarians have their own identity and choose to remain part of the sovereign British realm.

This year it’s 310 years since the Anglo-Dutch forces captured Gibraltar.

Gibraltarians are happy with the status quo. Spain has persistently broken the Treaty of Utrecht relinquishing Gibraltar since they signed it 300 years ago, yet they continue to create problems for Gibraltarians and Spaniards alike with their crazy frontier queues, restrictions on airspace, complaints about the environmental reef, fishing, incursions into British Gibraltarian waters, the list is endless.

Is it really Gibraltar’s fault that Spaniards smuggle cheap fags out of Gib to sell on the black in Spain because they can’t get jobs due to the poor Spanish economy?

Where is the humanity in subjecting people – and worse – animals, to three hour long queues at the frontier?

But, on National Day, in Gib, it’s one day when we are all the same. All dressed in red and white, and celebrating Gibraltar’s right, to be, well, Gibraltar. On this day, there are no barriers between humanity, we are all one and the same.

Main Street, Gibraltar, National Day

Main Street, Gibraltar, National Day



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